July 23, 12:00 h
Research phase finished.



July 22, 17:00 h
The day after.



July 21, 14:00 h
Äktion! Pictures by Agnes Lebeaupin.



July 20, 18:00 h
Ready for actoin (painting).



July 19, 15:00 h
We have founded Kunsthalle Tropical in the desert. To be continued…
N65° 20.246 W015° 51.140



July 18, 20:00 h
Enjoying a warm waterfall.



July 17, 24:00 h
Sunset at midnight from the container rooftop.



July 16, 15:00 h
Experimenting with colour shooting devices.



July 15, 19:00 h
Overnight excursion to Þeistareykir hut.



July 14, 16:00 h
This could be the solution for our exhibition space. Unused fishermen’s workspace overlooking the Húsavík harbour.



July 13, 22:00 h
Scouting locations for an exhibition space.



July 12, 15:30 h
Information at the Húsavík public library.



July 11, 16:00 h
Construction is finished.



July 10, 11:00 h
The container is primed and ready. We now have to figure out how to shoot the paint.



July 9, 16:00 h
Making the wave.



July 8, 12:00 h
Putting up posters before it starts to storm and rain.



July 7, 10:30 h
Getting materials for the painting action. Finally we have made friends with the woodshop head at Husasmiðjian.



July 6, 14:00 h
All moved in and ready to grill.



July 5, 17:00 h
Back north in Saltvík. Unpacking and rebuilding the container.



July 4, 11:00 h
Still recovering from seeing our Galloper being used in a car rental, we get gas on our way north at Staðarskáli. The Ford will not start.



July 3, 18:30 h
The Ford is at Cheap Jeep in Keflavik and not in our storage unit.
When picking it up, we have a chance encounter with our old Galloper (which had been unrightfully sold without our permission to an unknown client in 2010).



October 18, 7:30 h
Dropping off the Ford on the way to the airport. Time to go.



October 17, 18:00 h
Confirming the winter storage location for the Ford at the former US Navy Base in Keflavik. An inhabited ghost town.



October 16, 14:00 h
It is confirmed. The Galloper was sold in our absence and without our consent. We would have liked this painting as symbolic compensation. Unfortunately, it is already sold.



October 15, 12:00 h
Installing the Tsunami Project preview on the artsave container.



October 14, 14:15 h
Winterproofing the container. We are getting ready to leave.



October 13, 13:00 h
Last day in art class. We are finished with phase 1 of the artsave container competition.



October 12, 8:30 h
Starting action.



October 11, 15:45 h
We are back in Iceland after a very rough sea journey. Passing through Mývatn. This is Stina. She used to be an art teacher in Reykjavik, knows a lot about plants, herbs and animals, especially sheep. She is a very inter- esting rather mysterious woman.

© Agnes Lebeaupin



October 10, 11:15 h



October 9, 3:45 h

We meet Brynjolfur á Heygum at Sirkus. We talk about cigarettes.



October 8, 16:00 h
Research around the islands. Modular architecture in Kvívík on Streymoy.



October 7, 14:30 h
In February 2007, Sirkus closed its doors in Reykjavik to make room for underground parking lots, hotel rooms and fashion shops. Frequented by the creative crowd, Sirkus was known as a shelter for artists. In 2008, Kling & Bang brought their favorite bar to London. What Kling & Bang will be bringing to Frieze is not simply a physical construction, but the aura of the bar and the values it embodied. Now in Tórshavn. We are trying to find out what the story with Sirkus Føroyar is. The bar apparently is owned by Jóel Briem, son of Sigríður Guðlaugsdóttir who opened the original Sirkus in Reykjavik, and Sunneva Háberg Eysturstein, one of the pioneers of the Faroe Islands’ underground dance scene.



October 6, 13:30 h
Research in Tórshavn.



October 5, 15:00 h
Arrival in Tórshavn [ˈtɔu̯ʂhau̯n] after a rather rough night at sea. We are visiting our friend Katrin, who is an Interaction Designer. She is fascinated by human behaviour, social soft/hardware and the world of connections.



October 4, 19:00 h
Just in time for the ferry. Leaving the car behind.



October 4, 12:00 h
Ferry schedule change due to bad weather. Leaving a day early / tonight. Rushed departure for Seyðisfjörður and snow on the way.



October 3, 9:30 h
Research about a winter location for the Ford. The former United States Naval Air Station Keflavik (NASKEF) could be a possibility.



October 2, 10:45 h
We met Agnes Lebeaupin in the hot pot last night. She is a photographer from Paris and works in the greenhouses at Hveravellir. This photo was taken by her 4 days ago at 22:45 h around Hveravellir.

© Agnes Lebeaupin



October 1, 8:00 h
Putting the Ford to the test. Including a 2m long mattress.



September 30, 10:30 h
Last September morning. The flowers never made it.



September 29, 13:00 h
In-class experiments about context, content and techniques.



September 28, 8:30 h
In art class: Direction change in the project concept.
Inspired by action painting, Hiroyoshi Takeda



September 27, 10:00 h
A new tunnel between Ólafsfjörður and Siglufjörður was opened in 2010 and to mark the occasion knitters in the region and from all over the world made a 11.3-kilometer long scarf to connect the towns through the tunnel. Anyone could participate. “Some people got to learn how to knit just to be a part of the project and a man hired someone to knit for him, he so despe- rately wanted to be a part of it, but couldn´t figure out how to knit.” says
Fríða Gylfadóttir



September 26, 13:00 h
The Ford passed inspection including the fog light glue experiment. We are all set for another year !



September 25, 16:00 h
Material research for the artsave container project.



September 20 – 24


September 19, 15:00 h
Gunnar grew up in this farm house in Skagafjörður. He is around 60 and has been living next door in a newer house. It was cheaper to built a new house than to fix the old one. Now it is decaying…



September 17 – 18


September 16, 9:30 h
Fixing the fog light before going to inspection for the 2012 sticker.



September 15, 13:50 h
Narrowing down ideas to make a project map. An interactive patchwork in form of an icelandic sweater for the artsave container ?



September 14, 8:30 h
Field trip. The art class is visiting the container on location to better understand the context and decide on a final idea by next week.



September 13, 12:00 h
Icy morning windows, frozen salad and mid-day sun.



September 12, 12:00 h
This will be the plan for next year. Hot water heating the container and possibly feeding into a hot pot on the  roof.



September 11, 17:15 h
First batch of homegrown container salat picked. And eaten immediately.



September 10, 12:15 h
There is a Galloper for sale in Húsavík, same model as ours from last year…
And this yellow Ford. This would be perfect for artsave. Maybe the owner wants to trade Fords ?



September 9, 13:30 h
Driving north through different levels of snow. The weather has been quite crazy and all the wood and stones weighing down the protector tarp on the container roof have been blown down.



September 8, 10:00 h
What happened Hugmyndahúsið ? The location that hosted us last year is empty and it looks like the end of the project. We don’t know if this article is the final word: The rise and fall of Reykjavík’s House of Ideas. But we like this very much: “…at one point, courses in civil disobedience were being held in Klink and Bank, basically on offer through Landsbankinn, which at least goes to show that the bank was also naive in their understanding of what was going on there…”



September 7, 19:30 h
Harpa from the inside and a very good concert. Rachmaninoff Piano Concerto no. 3 and Shostakovich Symphony no. 5 with Vladimir Ashkenazy and Víkingur Heiðar Ólafsson.



September 7, 12:00 h
Easy graffiti at the harbour.



September 6, 14:00 h
Office day Prikið, one of our favorite places in 101.



September 5, 11:00 h
Containers seem to be all over our old Reykjavik location. Not used in any unusual way but creating a container landscape of visual normality where it is easy to blend in or hide. Or be very different to stand out.



September 4, 21:00 h
Visiting familiar places and bumping into old friends.



September 3, 13:15 h
Container on the highland route south.



September 2, 15:30 h
Research about possibilities of geothermal container heating.



September 1, 12:50 h
Working in class with the art students.



August 31, 8:30 h
Presenting the artsave project to the school class that will work with us on the container exterior.



August 30, 14:30 h
Checking out the Húsavík school after meeting the art teacher about the artsave container competition.



August 12 – 30


August 11, 12:00 h

On the way back north, we finally take some photos of the Kárahnjúkar project. The night before, we drove around the staff roads (with a staff). Quite crazy and impressive. Unfortunately, no camera in reach.



August 10, 17:30 h
Hunting job or art installation ?



August 7, 23:30 h
Getting ready to go on tour again and be out of reach for a couple of days.



August 7, 16:00 h
An unusual house in Egilstaðir. And the only interesting one in terms of architecture.



August 6, 15:00 h
Back in Seyðisfjörður at out New Year’s location (blog post December 31, 2010). Nobody is home.



August 6, 13:30 h
Back in the East doing a bit of research.



August 5, 14:00 h
Second meeting at Úti á Túni  to discuss the collaboration details for the artsave competition.



August 4, 23:00 h
Re-installation of the artsave lamp and some other work around the container.



August 3, 15:45 h
artsave has a direct mail address again.



August 2, 13:00 h
Learning about reindeer.



August 1, 22:00 h
One night in the mountains.



July 17 – 31


July 16, 17:30 h
Container integration and a possibility for insulation.



July 15, 15:30 h
Summer project around the corner.



July 15, 13:00 h
Meeting Arnhildur at Úti á Túni Húsavík to talk about a collaboration for the artsave competition. The goal of UAT is to promote the arts, design and culture in Húsavík and surroundings with a focus on young people.



July 14, 10:00 h
Passing by the Grapevine office to meet Haukur and pick up a couple of copies of the artsave issue. We just miss him and head back north.



July 13, 11:00 h
Back in Reykjavík at the Þjóðskrá office. Finally the Kennitala.



July 12, 15:00 h
Gardening experiment inspired by Prinzessinnengärten (blog post September 24, 2010). We will see if we manage to grow some carrots and salad in this climate.



July 11, 8:00 h
After a glacial flood, the bridge over Múlakvísl is broken. Roads north of the glacier are accessible only to 4X4 vehicles. People close to the rivers at Myrdalssandur are asked to beware of geothermal gases. The Icelandic Roads Administration has prepared a crossing for trucks over Múlakvísl. Three specially outfitted flatbed trucks transport smaller cars across the river and a specially equipped bus ferries passengers across the river. The police and two ICE-SAR teams ensure the security of passengers at the river crossing.



July 10, 23:15 h
At the end of the day.



July 9, 21:00 h
Work break at the harbour.



July 9, 11:00 h
We spend 2 hours cutting wood in the middle of the Húsavík Húsasmiðjan warehouse as they don’t have a cutting service or tools except for sale. We buy the tools and do it ourselves. And then start unpacking and re-installing the artsave container.



July 8, 17:00 h
The container has arrived at Saltvík. Unfortunately we were not there to document the journey and arrival as the container has been on the road for a while and we did not know the exact arrival date.
We thank Samskip for the transport and Saltvík for making this possible !



July 7, 10:30 h
Contemporary minimalistic pool architecture in Höfsos in the morning vs. traditional Icelandic turf houses in Glaumbær rather late in the evening.



July 6, 15:00 h
Visiting friends in the country side and investigating summer house archi-



July 5, 19:00 h
The Harpa is finished. We have missed the 17:00 h Halldór Laxness poetry concert.



July 5, 17:30 h
We now own the white Ford Explorer and check on our 2010 location. The Kirkjusandur house (blog post September 17, 2010) is really being installed at the harbour to serve as a tourist information.



July 4, 14:45h
Back at the road of dealerships to find new support for this summer. We have 2 days to find the right car. Serious tests before buying anything.



July 4, 1:30 h
Delayed flight and rather late / early arrival in Reykjavik.



January 7, 11:00 h
On the way to the airport. It is so cold and windy that the Bláa Lónið has cooled down too much. Entry is free. We find one hot spot.



January 6, 14:00 h
Checking up on the artsave container. Everything is fine. We somehow get locked in the lot by the guard and have to put our rental car to a cross-object driving test. Crazy wind and -10°C in the outdoor swimming pool.



January 5, 18:00 h
Strong snow storm and hardly any visibility on the way to Akureyri.
Driving south, no more snow at all.



January 4, 16:30 h
Even better in the winter.
Then, the snow storm started. Intense drive back to Saltvik.



January 3, 14:00 h
Back in Mývatn, re-visiting places and friends.



January 2, 17:00 h
On the way  to Mývatn, we stop at Dettifoss. We have an Askja déjà-vu, with snow instead of sand. The car is stuck. It is getting dark.
After unloading the car, we finally manage to get grip with the floor mats.



January 1, 17:00 h
We wake up at 15 h. By 16 h it is dark again.



December 31, 12:00 h
Early morning drive to Egilstaðir to pick up our London friend at the airport. We continue to Seyðisfjörður to finally see our New Year’s home. We are too late for the bonfire but on time for fireworks. Too early for the local party at Hotel Aldan which starts at 2 h, but apparently the first tourists to have ever been in Seyðisfjörður for New Year.



December 30, 9:45 h
The lifts on Hlíðarfjall in Akureyri open at 10 h. We want to be one of the first on the mountain. It feels like night skiing during the day.



December 29, 11:00 h
In daylight, we visit the artsave summer site. The construction site has been boarded up, but some traces are left. We meet to pick up our Seyðisfjörðurhouse keys and  take off north.



December 28, 18:00 h
Waiting in the plane from midnight until 4 a.m. We are not flying. Please deboard the plane. No lugguage. No real riot though. We are all very tired. We are taking a taxi home to get some sleep. The flight is rescheduled for 16 h today. We finally take off at 18 h, a full day later.



December 27, 23:00 h
Snow in Berlin. Waiting at the aiport since 18 h. Boarding is delayed very 30 minutes. We have a faint notion that we will not fly today.



October 11, 7:30 h
Bless bless Ísland.


October 10, 18:00 h
Final research. Phase 1 ends here.



October 9, 12:00 h
Now that we are about to leave, friends take us to a local farmers’ market in Mossfellsdalur.



October 8, 15:00 h
Arriving at the Faxaflóahafnir winter location for the artsave container in Reykjavik.



October 8, 14:30 h
All packed and on the move.



October 7, 16:00 h
Leaving some stuff behind.



October 7, 15:00 h
As we are packing up the container, another construction company is coming to take back their crane from the unfinished Mýrargata 26 site.



October 6, 11:00 h
Saying good-bye to our postman.



October 5, 17:00 h
Already in a book, including GPS coordinates.



October 4, 23:00 h
At night.



October 3, 13:00 h
A cemetery for old things and a source for new ideas.



October 2, 16:00 h
Back in the north and research inAkureyri. The chairlift still has to wait for the first snow.



October 1, 14:00 h
After 2 years on hold, one of the involved construction companies came to take their building materials from the unfinished Mýrargata 26 site.



October 1, 12:00 h
Contracts to build an aluminum plant in Iceland were signed in 1966. By then, negotiations had been going on between the Swiss company Alusuisse and the Icelandic government for several years. The Icelandic Aluminium Company (ISAL), now Alcan Iceland, was founded in Straumsvík (20km southwest from Reykjavik). Three years later the first aluminum production started in Iceland. Today, Rio Tinto Alcan has announced a US$347 million investment to modernise and increase the ISAL smelter’s capacity by 20% following the completion of a long-term energy supply agreement with Landsvirkjun, the Icelandic power utility. The contract runs until 2016.



September 30, 16:00 h
Finally, in the spring of 2011 and despite the crises and the building stop: The big Harpa Reykjavik Concert Hall and Conference Centre will have its grand opening. The glass surface of the building was designed by Olafur Eliasson.



September 29, 12:00 h
Flying to Akureyri is almost like taking the bus.



September 28, 17:00 h
Interview with Halldór Gudmundsson (Wir sind alle Isländer).



September 28, 11:00 h
After a stormy night, a broken door glas and no electricity (thus no heat), we spend a warm night in a Reykjavik hotel.



September 27, 20:00 h
Cooking for friends



September 26, 16:00 h
The Zurich Swiss have voted against the public art project by Thomas Demand. He proposed to rebuild the famous nail house from Chongqing (China) under a main bridge in Zurich. Cost 5.6 Million Swiss Francs, already granted. The building would have housed Zurichs first a 24 hour restaurant, a small shop and a restroom.



September 25, 13:00 h
Laundry day.



September 24, 15:30 h
We have one of our first really organic meals in Reykjavik and are wondering if a project like the Prinzessinnengärten Berlin would not make a lot of sense here.



September 23, 11:00 h
4 containers for the homeless of the city of Reykjavik. We encounter 2 residents outside and ask, if we could possibly take a look inside. We get a view behind the red door, a room with a kitchenette and a separate bathroom. – Because you were so polite. Then we get a hug and a
– Welcome to Iceland ! (The other container structure is a car tire storage).



September 22, 11:30 h
Air temperature 8,4° C, water temperature 9,6° C. First a swim in the ocean, then hot pot. Between 11-13 h, it is packed with people. Only very few use neoprene accessories like caps, gloves or shoes.



September 21, 13:00 h
We have heard about container housing for homeless people in Reykjavik at the harbour, somewhere close to our location. We wonder if this is the right place. No one is around and everything is very much locked up.



September 20, 20:30 h
True icelandic experience. Evening talk in the hot pot.
– Where are you from ? We are from Zurich. We live at the harbour in Reykjavik. – Do you have a yacht ? We live in a container.
We are talking to Andri Ottesen, Business Operations for Carbon Recycling International. They capture carbon dioxide from industrial emissions and convert it into clean renewable Methanol fuel.



September 19, 20:00 h
Meeting REC STUDIO to talk about their documentary film Garðarshólmi.



September 18, 21:30 h
Loft apartments by the harbour, Reykjavík –
This is what it was supposed to look like.

By Gláma-Kím architects



September 17, 14:30 h
After a meeting about a winter location for the artsave container with Faxaflóahafnir, we now know where the Kirkjusandur house will move. In between Burger and Sushi to serve some sort of tourist oriented purpose.



September 16, 15:00 h
Following the Kirkjusandur house. I might have been here. No one in Íslandsbanki can remember a house, knows about it being moved or an empty building slot.



September 15, 17:00 h
Building for documentation.



September 14, 11:00 h
Decision pending.



September 13, 14:00 h
Legal advise at LEX lögmannsstofa. We plan to take legal action against the Egilstadir Auto Repair.



September 12, 12:00 h
An old house is parked at the harbour. We missed its arrival. It used to be on Kirkjusandur and needed to make room for the expansion of the neighbouring Íslandsbanki. It was used for storing saltfish. Now the bank will not expand anymore. The house will be our neighbour until it moves to a new location.



September 11, 16:00 h
Seljavallalaug is one of the oldest geothermal swimming pools in Iceland and the closest pool to Eyafallajökull. It was full of ash after the eruption. Volunteers cleaned it. We took a bath.



September 11, 13:00 h
There is an elf church in this mountain. On sunday morning, you can hear them sing.



September 10, 14:00 h
Svinafellsjökull on foot.



September 10, 10:30 h
On the way back south, Jökulsárlón by boat in the morning fog. There is a live cam mounted on top of the bridge.



September 9, 10:00 h
No comment.



September 8, 16:00 h
We would like to buy this Mývatn house, transport it to Art Basel and round up sheep by horse 3x per day.



September 7, 12:00 h
Day 4. Still waiting.



September 6, 14:00 h
Lost in Iceland. Private access to the Lofthellir ice cave.



September 5, 16:00 h
After our Askja experience, we need a contrast program in the Jarðböðin við Mývatn (Blue Lagoon).



September 4, 20:00 h
The tow service arrives. Karl tows us to Karl Viðar Auto and Tire Repair Mývatn. We arrive at 1 a.m. in the morning.



September 4, 13:00 h
Arrival at Botni Hut (Location:65°16.180’N – 17°04.100’W). The Land Cruiser leaves us.



September 4, 9:00 h
The Land Cruiser stops by. Attempt to jump start the car. No reaction. No mobile connection. They tow us to the next hut on the way back to Mývatn. Weak mobile connection on the way. We manage to call friends in Mývatn for help.



September 3, 20:00 h
Short stop for water at Dyngjufell Hut (Location: 65°07.463’N –16°55.251’W). The Galloper will not start again. Luckily, an old German Toyota Land Cruiser is parked in walking distance. We walk over and ask for a jump start. We can borrow an extra battery. It is dinner time and they will not drive over to where we are. Our battery does not react at all. No mobile connection in walking distance. Emergency overnight stay at the hut with an improvised dinner.



September 3, 19:00 h
The Galloper cannot make it up a steep sand dune. We have to unload the car and work with shovels and floor mats.



September 3, 12:00 h
After an early morning drive via Drekagil to Askja, a very stormy walk and a rather cool bath in the volcano crater, we pass a bus stranded in the sand storm. We don’t dear to stop our car. They already have help anyway.



September 2, 16:00 h
Driving via Möðrudalur to Kverkfjöll to spend the night at the glacier hut Sigurðarskáli.



September 2, 10:00 h
The next morning, the fog is gone and we start our drive to Askja.



September 1, 19:00 h
Back in Seyðisfjörður for a foggy evening and a very late dinner due to a major power outage in the East of Iceland. We end up eating desert before dinner because the cook cannot make anything warm in the kitchen.



September 1, 13:00 h
In the K2M Austurland car garage in Egilstadir. Broken alternator. The car is finally ready at 18h. The New Yorkers have already arrived.



August 30, 21:00 h
On the way to Seyðisfjörður to visit a Swiss artist.



August 30, 21:00 h
A rather creepy night in Raufarhöfn.



August 30, 14:30 h
Mýrarselshraun by horse.



August 29, 15:00 h
Finding the way back home.



August 28, 17:30 h
Surfing weather on the Saltvik beach.



August 27, 17:00 h
On the way back up north.
Glue construction inside the car for some important art stuff.



August 26, 17:00 h
We are proud to present our new public space. We will open the construction site space in September 2010.



August 25, 9:00 h
Our wardrobe with wet clothes from our vulcano trip to Eyjafjallajökull and a new painting from the second hand store.



August 24, 15:00 h
We like the Eyjafjallajökull decorated sausages and bought them to grill them on the vulcano over a chasm. The lava is 100cm below our feet.



August 23, 23:00 h
Our land is everywhere (in real time)



August 23, 08:00 h
The green pedestrian crossing is finished and lights up in the morning sun.



August 22, 23:00 h
Another building site stopped in view of the economic crisis. This one in Kópavogur.



August 21, 23:00 h
Public fireworks at the end of the Reykjavik culture night.



August 21, 16:00 h
Stairs and a pedestrian crossing for direct and comfortable access to our new public space.



August 20, 13:30 h
First service, oil change and general check up for the Galloper. So far, it seems that everything fine.



August 19, 20:30 h
Evening work.



August 18, 21:30 h
The dog, the man and the sunset.



August 17, 14:00 h
Reykjavik in the rain. Again.



August 16, 16:00 h
The building site currently has no owner. The construction company doesn’t exist any more. We have started cleaning.



August 15, 14:00 h
On the way to our swimming pool. Another building site stopped in view of the economic crisis.



August 14, 15:00 h
Back to the unfinished building site behind the container. We are thinking to use the site as a stage and exhibition space.



August 13, 19:00 h
The new light-ball on the roof. Brought along from the north.



August 12, 17:00 h
Mail from the capitol city in Switzerland. A parcel with 1,6 kg of swiss chocolate and a newspaper article about the Icelandic hero Gunnar.



August 12, 14:00 h
Back in Reykjavik in front of the huge hardware store Bauhaus. Since December 2008, the company has decided to postpone the forthcoming opening until the country has regained economic stability. The store site is completely finished and empty.



August 11, 22:00 h
Driving south. The first endurance test for the Galloper on the return journey to Reykjavik. We successfully crossed our first fjord along the Eiríksjökull glacier.



August 10, 15:00 h
In lack of a washing machine –
Our laundry has travelled halfway through Iceland.



August 9, 21:00 h
Horses in the sunset – feels like we are in the famous cowboy advertising.



August 9, 14:00 h
Working for food…in Saltvik.



August 8, 20:00 h
One night in the little guesthouse Árból in Husavik – no container, no tent.



August 7, 22:00 h
Sunset on the way north.



August 7, 15:00 h
On the road north with the Galloper. Taking a break from Reykjavik and doing research for a couple of days.



August 6, 16:30 h
Staircase construction to the roof of the container. Next will be a railing for our roof terrace.



August 5, 22:30 h
Sunset behind the neighbouring building. The building site was stopped in view of the economic crisis.



August 4, 20:30 h
We now own a twelve year old Hyundai Galloper Exceed. Rusty on the inside and outside and the cabin interior smells like cat. Hopefully the car will survive until Sommer 2011.



August 3, 19:00 h
The Lost Horse Gallery has moved to a new location in downtown Reykjavik. Currently the new gallery space is under construction. Alexander and Frikki will open the gallery in the next few days.



August 2, 18:00 h
If you buy a three month access pass for the swimming pool, you get to use the high-tech iris scanner at the entry check.



August 1, 16:00 h
On the road. View up to the hill to where the car dealer street is located. We will probably buy an old used car.



July 31, 14:00 h
Back in our harbour area in Reykjavik. New ships have arrived,
others departed.



July 30, 13:00 h
Shortly before going on the ferry back to Stykkisholmur. And the return trip to Reykjavik.



July 29, 16:00 h
Very direct and local food: fresh fish and puffins.



July 28, 17:15 h
Arrival on Flatey with much better weather than in Reykjavik.



July 28, 15:45 h
Stykkisholmur, starting the journey to Flatey Island for a 2 day trip.



July 27, 23:00 h
Inside view of the living and working space set up in progress with the new self-built furniture.



July 26, 20:00 h
Finally. The Trucker Burger with two eggs, fries, bernaise sauce und beer. Enjoy !



July 25, 08:30 h
We are almost the first swimmers and hot pot users that early sunday. A daily ritual replacing a non-existing shower. Paired with a beautiful bike ride along the shoreline.




July 24, 14:00 h
On the road with forklift and bicycles to get free (newly built) pallets from the friendly pallet maker and his son. Our area turns out to be a good source for all sorts of things.




July 23, 10:00 h
We’re proud to present the new container front and some self-built furniture.



July 22, 16:00 h
After 1 week of old window and door searching, Armann (the carpenter) sets up a work deal with his colleagues to construct a container front.



July 21, 15:00 h
10 days to get a used, non-mass market table and chair.



July 20, 18:00 h
Stamps to give out to new friends, interested in the project.



July 19, 21:00 h
artsave is accepted as entrepreneurs at the Hafnarhús
(house of ideas) with 24h access to the workspace and facilities.



July 18, 24:00 h
First official mail.
Late night Grapevine delivery directly to artsave by Frikki and Alexander.



July 17, 15:00 h
Breakfast at sandwich Hlölli, after searching suburbia by bike for an old used car. The light& healthy sandwich drowns in mayonaise. We are the only customers inside the place. Everybody else orders drive-by through the little window to eat in the parking lot.



July 16, 16:00 h
artsave in residence with Reykjavik postal address. The Reykjavik postman has agreed to deliver our mail to the container. The decision was made directly, not by the post office.



July 15, 8:00 h
Early morning view out the container door.



July 13, 17:00 h
After 20 visits to the hardware store Byko (luckily it is around the corner), we get free pallets to construct a patio and roof terrace.



July 13, 15:00 h
Arnar insists, we take a good look at the Reykjavik harbour from above.
– You want a lift ?



July 13, 14:00 h
We call for delivery at 10 am. Container delivered at Myrargata 9,
101 Reykjavik by Arnar who used to work for the United Nations.



July 12, 16:00 h
By bycicle, we go to Hafnarbakki in Hafnarfjörður to find a container.
They have around 250. We choose an old blár gámur.



July 12, 13:00 h
Visit of the site at the Reykjavik harbour. Faxaflóahafnir offers us this spot. We take it.



July 12, 9:00 h
A friend with a big car picks us up.



July 12, 9:00 h
Arrival in Iceland, we take the bus to Hafnarfjörður.